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Markets Serviced

markets serviced by FlexFit Hose LLC

Industrial Hose Assemblies for Process & Automation, Servicing Multiple Markets

FlexFit Hose LLC services several markets demanding quality hose & fittings products. Please click on an article link below to read more.

Common industrial applications for PTFE hose assemblies

  • Load Cell
  • Bulk Transfer
  • CIP / SIP Systems
  • Filling Equipment
  • Steam Transfer
  • Fermentation Lines
  • Process Lines
  • Adhesive Conveying
  • Mold Press
  • Sanitary Transfer
  • Oil Supply Lines
  • Sampling Systems
  • Paint Spray
  • Feed Lines
  • Acid Transfer
  • Solvent Transfer

Our PTFE Hose Assemblies complies with the following Standards