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Other Products & Services

FlexFit Hose provides quality services that complement our core offering to help even more with your production challenges:

ptfe lined hose ss braidedHose for Oxygen Service

Cleaning & packaging hose assemblies for oxygen service

Today, Industrial hose systems can demand high levels of purity that eliminates unwanted particles contributing to contamination and explosion risks, depending on the media being transferred. PTFE lined SS braided hose assemblies are ideal for commercial liquid & gas oxygen hose service, once cleaned according to the right specification.

  • Cleaned to praxair-GS38 standard - other standards, including your custom specification, can be utilized
  • For oxygen supply applications such as aircraft, scuba, medical devices and higher purity processes
  • Cleaning & prep for other chemicals available, i.e. nitrogen, cryogenic, steam and more


tube bending inverted flare fitting 02Tube Bending

Precision metal tube bending for various applications

When your process system calls for metal tubing, inevitably, precise bending is required. FlexFit Hose offers this service with in-house expertise to accomplish metal tube bending according to your design requirements.

  • Metal tubing systems for manufacturing process & automation
  • Fuel lines used in automotive, aerospace and marine transport vehicles
  • Chemical transfer
  • Fire suppression systems


Custom Machining Services

FlexFit Hose Swiss Machining Custom Part 01CNC machining of parts on fully automated, high precision Swiss machines

Our approach to CNC machining is one of value that provides a sound delivery process based on your requirements. We apply our quality process to all of our parts manufactured on our Swiss machine, checking quality and accuracy before packaging and labeling them properly, then delivering your order on time. We also do our best to provide fair value pricing for domestic machining based in the USA.

What is your challenge? Whether it is poor quality, late delivery and, or just a lack of timely response and what should be the gold standard of customer service. If you are in the need of a CNC machine shop supplier providing small, precise components, contact us today and let us demonstrate our expertise to handle you project.

  • complex CNC machining, with smaller sizes of 0.0625" up to 1.5". Our Swiss machines are fully automated, providing for higher quality & production outcomes
  • Custom & Bulk hose fittings
  • Lathe work
  • Wide range of metals


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