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Chemical Hose Assemblies
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The following are the types of hoses you can find:

According to the US Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), flammable, reactive, and toxic substances can cause catastrophic accidents and injuries. There are a variety of industries that use such chemicals. These substances are generally dangerous when released or when there is a leakage; hence, every chemical plant must strictly follow OSHA’s guidelines.

Here’s why PTFE hoses are important to your industry:

To say that the semiconductor industry lies at the heart of technological innovation isn’t overstating matters. Some of the most exciting technological research and breakthroughs, such as IoT networks, smartphones, and even driverless cars, as well as most of our modern electronics, all depend heavily on the quality and quantity of semiconductors that chipmakers manufacture.

Even if you’ve selected and installed high-quality chemical hose assemblies, without a properly planned and routinely-implemented maintenance program, their lifecycle may be substantially reduced. Determining the frequency of inspection and potential replacement of products and equipment is dependent on factors such as the potential risks from a possible hose failure, the severity of the application, […]