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When Your Industrial Process Requires a Hose Fitting That Delivers


Female JIC swivel nut used with female JIC hose fitting insert

Female JIC hose fitting insert shown with swivel nut

Female NPT hose fitting mates up with male NPT fittings

Male NPT hose fitting

Male JIC to NPT (Female) Adapter for hose and tubing systems

Male JIC to NPT Male Adapter used with female JIC swivel

To ensure you are purchasing a high-quality industrial hose fitting that matches up precisely for your hose or tubing system connections, FlexFit Hose considers several factors throughout our manufacturing processes:

Industrial Hose Fitting Materials

316L precision ground stainless steel round bars are selected for our industrial hose fittings, allowing for greater consistency and tighter tolerances as the components are produced. The materials and the performance of the machine combined are major factors in making an industrial hose fitting of superior quality.

CNC Swiss screw machines used at FlexFit Hose

The Swiss screw machines used to machine our industrial hose fittings were originally invented to produce small watch parts that must be made with high precision. They are fully automated and operate with great precision, both mechanically and electronically. This is vital in producing a part that is up to high standards. Our in-house Swiss screw machines can hold a tolerance of .0025″ or less when machining an industrial hose fitting.

Inspection of Industrial Hose Fitting

Quality control

and inspection are key factors in the manufacturing of our industrial hose fittings, as well as all of our components. From material selection to how our components are packaged for shipment; each part of our managed process is checked against baseline policy & procedure. FlexFit Hose also inspects a higher amount of components per run, when compared to other hose fitting manufacturers. Before any hose fitting

and, or hose assembly is shipped, it is inspected. If it does not check out against our stringent standards, then the part does not get shipped. This ensures we are handling our quality to the level you expect when receiving your order.

Together, our material selection, highly skilled operational staff, high precision Swiss machines, inspection and quality control come together to produce an industrial hose fitting of superior quality that matches up precisely to its connection, every time.