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Category: Hose Fittings for Process Instrumentation

Hose Fittings for Process Instrumentation

Tube Adapters, Compression and O Ring Face Seal Hose Fittings for Your Instrumentation Process

Compression fittings are typically used to mate up two pieces of tubing easily instead of bending tube and welding it into place. Compression fitting on hoses allows you to bend a stainless steel braided hose and install much faster than bending tube and welding components together. This allows you to increase productivity as well as decrease labor cost. Here are the different choices for instrumentation end fittings which can be crimped to PTFE hoses:

Notched Tube Adapter makes an exact connection to the nut & ferrule

Annealed Tube Adapter seals precisely with no groove necessary

Compression hose fitting mates up universally to nut & ferrule

O Ring Face Seal Fitting for making quick connections

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