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PTFE Hose – The Superior Industrial Hose for More Flexibility and Longer Process Life-Cycles

Industrial automation processes involving the transfer of fluids, gases and, or granulates require highly controlled components that fall within tight tolerances. A major part of these industrial process systems include the requirement for durable, flexible, high-performance industrial hose assemblies. Modern process systems require industrial hoses with a high resistance to various chemicals as well as specified ranges of high heat or sub-zero cold tolerance. Procuring a sub-standard industrial hose assembly can lower quality outcomes, and even ruin the process. Here at FlexFit Hose, manufacturers of industrial hose assemblies and related products, you can purchase superior hose assemblies that connect up properly, provide superior flexibility and longer life-cycles. Our industrial hose assemblies help to reduce your production downtime and ultimately decrease the impact to your bottom line by lowering total cost of ownership.
Among the various types of industrial hose components offered by FlexFit Hose, our parts meet or exceed requirements for clean process manufacturing, military, marine, auto aerospace transport and more. Please see our Markets Serviced to read more about the various industries we currently service with our industrial hose products. We currently offer PTFE hose, flexible metal hose with welded hose fittings, and silicone hose. Our standard industrial hose fittings, made from 316L stainless steel – other hose fitting materials are available. Our standard inventory of hose fittings are manufactured with precision on fully automated CNC Swiss machines. The rigorous construction and fabrication process we adhere to produces high quality industrial hose assemblies and related components, utilized over a wide range of applications. Our web catalog is a good place to start reviewing and selecting the components you require. You can purchase completely fabricated industrial hose assemblies, cut to custom lengths with selected hose fittings, or have the components delivered to you promptly in bulk.
One of the types of industrial hose assemblies we specialize in is made with an inner PTFE hose liner and 316L stainless steel fittings. PTFE hoses are used heavily in sanitary manufacturing processes, as they meet or exceed the standards required for ensuring clean processing. Designed for easy cleaning and draining, PTFE hose will not impart taste or odor to the media being processed. The design of these industrial hose assemblies makes them easy to drain, clean and helps overall to prevent the harboring of bacteria that can lead to contamination. This makes them ideal for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries as well as others such as semiconductor wafer manufacturing and chemical processing. Please see our standards compliance list for PTFE hose assemblies. Silicone hose is also available when higher levels of purity are required.
Our flexible metal hose is the latest addition to our line of industrial hose components. These corrugated flexible stainless steel hose assemblies come with the hose fittings welded onto the industrial hose. While providing somewhat similar pressure ranges to PTFE hose assemblies, they withstand a greater temperature range, from cryogenic up to 1500° F. Our flexible metal hose meets or exceeds ISO10380 at maximum working pressure.
Our customers appreciate the high-quality value put into these products that starts with a fair purchase price option, while lowering the overall cost of ownership for the life of the product. Customers of FlexFit Hose can expect the superior performance of our industrial hose assemblies to meet or exceed stringent demands for strength, flexibility and reliability. Request a Quote Today
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