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 Hose Protection, Covering and Tagging Components From FlexFit Hose

Anti-Kink Crush Resistant Armor Guard Hose Casing

Abrasion and Crush Resistant Spiral Hose Wrap

Industrial Hose Assembly Tags

Fire Sleeve Protection For Hose Assemblies and Workers within High Heat Production Environments

Spring Guard Protection For Industrial Hose

Hose Covering for Identification & Styling

Protect & cover your industrial hose assemblies – and the ones handling them
While our industrial hose assemblies are always delivered with high quality durability and flexibility, the need often arises to consider an extra layer of hose protection. People as well as your investment in a high quality asset must be protected from exposure to high heat & flames. You must also consider your process motion or physical equipment mobilization creating the risk of damage due to abrasions. There are also benefits to routing identification or just needing some aesthetically pleasing elements for your hose assembly. FlexFit Hose has you covered…and protected! We provide various hose protection and covering options depending your application and, or process environment requirements.
Hose Protection
Firesleeve – Hose Protection from High Heat
Our Industrial grade firesleeve protects your hose assembly from damage due to high heat. It withstands exposure to a constant temperature of up to 500°F. An industrial hose assembly protected with the firesleeve can also withstand damage from occasional flame as well as splashes against the firesleeve protected hose assembly from materials being melted; up to 2200°F during the production process. This hose protection product also insulates against energy loss in piping and hose assemblies. Another important safety related benefit for production line engineers & technicians is protection by the firesleeve from exposure injuries, such as heat or flame related blisters and burns. Read more about our firesleeve
Flexible metal hose can be fabricated to handle more extreme temperatures aside from additional hose protection or insulation.
Compare to Parker® silicone fire sleeve ( sfs ) and Aeroquip® firesleeve hose cover
Stainless Steel armor guard casing – when heavier duty protection is required
FlexFit Hose armor guard hose cover protects your industrial hose from being **crushed due to placement of weight from equipment and objects that are part of your automation process. The industrial hose casing also prevents kinking during process motion, or physical transfer of your hose assembly. Constructed of interlocked four-wall 304 stainless steel, armor guard casing has high tensile strength for excellent flexibility, crush resistance. It also will extend and compresses without binding up.

Hose protection available for industrial hose assemblies extends their capabilities for your process beyond an already robust level

High Density Polyethylene Spiral Hose Wrap – abrasion resistance, light duty crush resistance, bundling hose assemblies and routing
When motion or vibration is a factor for your equipment and its industrial hose, ensuring that abrasions from other hose assemblies or components could cause damage. The need to move a large hose assembly continuously, or even occasionally may at some point require moving across a surface that could potentially damage the assembly as well. Spiral hose protection will ensure abrasions to your industrial hose assembly are eliminated.
Spiral hose wrap, due to it’s high-density polyethylene construction, prevents industrial hose assemblies from being damaged from foot traffic, as well as a limited & occasional level of top weight**.8 colors to choose from (in most sizes) including: grey, red, green, black, yellow, blue, safety orange.
Along with the ability to protect your industrial hose assemblies from being crushed and scuffed, spiral hose wrap is ideal for color coding your hose assemblies and, or hose bundles.
Spring Guard – for light duty protection against abrasions and impact of weighted objects
Somewhat lighter than our armor guard casing, spring guard spiral hose protection is available for lighter duty protection against abrasions and impact of weighted objects**. This hose protector designed as a compression spring and coiled at a constant diameter is made from 316 stainless steel for strength as well as great corrosion resistance. Depending on your application needs, the coils can be wound in other configurations, such as conical, barrel or hourglass.
**Be sure to evaluate and test potential weight exposure prior to putting any hose assemblies with, or without industrial hose protection into production.
Hose Cover Options
FlexFit Hose provides various hose cover materials for color-coded identification, aesthetics & styling, as well as silicone covering for sanitary applications. Materials include:

Polyolefin – heat shrink tubing
Silicone – including our ST-Flex silicone jacketed PTFE stainless braided sanitary hose

Hose Tags – identify and track your industrial hose assembly assets

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