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Chemical Hose Assemblies
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Our Commitment to High-Quality Hose Assemblies


PTFE Hose Assemblies


You will experience from the first delivery of your FlexFit Hose products and continuing with each order: 


  • Fittings machined with CNC precision & Assemblies that fall within the tightest tolerances

Individual parts we manufacture get inspected and tested for tolerance as well. If the machined part does not meet the required tolerance, it is rejected and replaced.


  • Every hose assembly by FlexFit Hose, LLC is tested before shipment – 100% of your order!

We would rather have the product fail here before leaving our facility, rather than on your production line. That is why every single hose assembly is tested prior to shipping. Material Test Reports (MTRs) and Pressure Test Certifications (PTCs) get shipped along with your order, eliminating the need for you to request them.


  • Every hose assembly goes through our cleaning process before coming to you

Receiving any hose assemblies or machined parts that have not been cleaned, at minimum is an unsightly issue. However, it can impact your production expectations as well, if requiring additional time and, or resources to get your product investment into production. Every FlexFit hose assembly is cleaned to be free of particles & debris – inside & out. All fittings are put through our cleaning process as well


  • FlexFit Hose products are bagged, labeled and boxed properly

When you go to open the shipment of hoses & fittings just sent from your supplier, do you find that they have been tossed in the box, with no consideration of damage or cleanliness? Have the male fittings been capped properly to protect the threads from damage?

FlexFit Hose products are individually bagged, labeled, and boxed properly, unlike many other manufacturers. All male fittings are capped for protection as well. This attention to detail provides multiple benefits:

  • Inventory tracking and storage referencing – for MRO or new manufacturing plants
  • Material Traceability – each hose assembly comes labeled with the following information:

Date-of-Manufacturing                Part#     Lot#       Heat#   Quantity              PSI Tested


inverted flare hose and tubing fittings in bulk




Let us compare your quality standards to ours!

Give us your quality checklist! We are confident that if you send us your quality checklist, we would already be meeting most of the requirements. However, email us your list for us to compare and make improvements!