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Oxygen Service Hose Assemblies for Commercial Applications

ptfe oxygen hoseMany industrial hose systems in production today demand high levels of purity that eliminates unwanted particles contributing to contamination and explosion risks, depending on the media being transferred. By itself, PTFE makes for an excellent core liner of stainless braided hoses due to its non-absorbent, non contaminating surface that reduces the build-up of deposits. This makes it ideal for sanitary applications. However, to assure the removal of hydrocarbons and other types of unwanted particles, further cleaning and proper packaging methods are required. FlexFit Hose offers cleaning services that accomplish this higher purity requirement. PTFE hose assemblies are excellent for use in commercial liquid & gas oxygen hose service,  once they are cleaned according to the required standard.



Oxygen Service Hose Applications

  • oxygen supply systems for aircraft supply, aircrew and aviation ground support equipment
  • underwater breathing / scuba equipment
  • medical devices
  • higher purity applications
  • environmental requirements where off-gassing, or the emission of volatile organic must be considered

Certified Oxygen Cleaning For Industrial Hose Assemblies

  • oxygen cleaning is critical to ensure the elimination of organic hydrocarbon particles, such as grease, oil solvents, etc, can act as fuel catalyst, resulting in an accidental explosion or fire.
  • also important for contamination control – ensuring the hose is cleaned to the standard required, capped and bagged within the clean environment. Oxygen service hose assemblies can then be stored in the unopened package if not immediately used for production, and still meet certification requirements.
  • hoses are cleaned to the *Praxair Specification GS-38 oxygen service cleaning standard, with several other cleaning protocols, including several military specifications are available upon request.
  • applications that may require oxygen cleaning for hose assemblies include: biopharma, semiconductor, food & beverage, as well as other life science and healthcare research industries

Other cleaning services for our industrial hose assemblies

  • oxygen service hose assembliesSteam
  • Nitrogen
  • Cryogenic
  • Hydrogen
  • Helium
  • Hydraulic service
  • Ozone

*Virtually any standards can be adhered to for oxygen service hose cleaning, as well as the other gases & fluids.

As part of our commitment to being your one-stop shop for industrial hose assemblies and related components, FlexFit Hose provides these cleaning services for your high purity process applications. Contact us today if you require oxygen service hose or other types that require specific cleaning protocols.