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Is Quality Really A Given, or Must-Have Attribute?FacebookLinkedInTwitterGoogle+

We recently were on a sales call and someone on our end made the statement about our products being of higher quality. The prospective customer said something like, “well, everyone says they have quality”. And this is the general, “must-have, or you’ll fail” thought; just like when you come across some blog or book from the latest flavor business guru who states, “quality of products and services must be a given if you plan on succeeding in your business”. Really now? If that is the case then why do we continue to hear the opposite, as well as gain business due to poor quality of products & services from other hose assembly manufacturers?

Example of another company’s hose delivered dirtyOn the previous mentioned sales call, we responded by providing some examples of what we mean, and that got a far more positive response from the prospective customer. This is why we created a page called “Demonstrated Quality” on our website. It is also why we are pointing it out once again as we continue to hear feedback about what other companies consider quality. If quality, not just stated as such, but demonstrated, matters to you and, or your clients, then let us take a little further look at what FlexFit Hose means by quality by posing some questions:

  1. Do your hands look grey to black with residue when you grab your unbagged, hose assemblies out of the box it came in (note the image above)?
  2. Do you not only have to clean the outside, but blow water and dirt based residue out of the inside prior to putting into use?
  3. Do your hose assemblies come with the necessary certifications that ensure they are the right materials, that the hose assemblies have all been pressure tested, and they conform to the necessary standards?
  4. Do you receive quotes of standard products back promptly? Are lead times lengthy

At FlexFit Hose, we do not lightly use the word quality, we take quality of our products & services seriously. But do not just take our word for it! Let us demonstrate what we mean by quality of products and services. As always we love to hear feedback from you -please let us know if there are any ways in which we could improve the quality of our products & services for you.

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