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We Are Now an ITAR Registered Manufacturer

FlexFit Hose ITAR-Registered

FlexFit Hose is an ITAR Registered Hose ManufacturerFlexFit Hose is now an ITAR registered manufacturer. This enables us to provide products & services to U.S. military & defense manufacturers who are maintaining ITAR compliance in the development and sales of military technology. ITAR compliance involves securing and managing disseminated information required to complete manufacturing objectives. Please click here to learn more.

ITAR registration allows us to service military manufacturing needs, such as:

PTFE Hose Assemblies for OEM equipment and other battlefield applications, such as emergency breathing apparatus
Tube Bending for any type of fluid or flow control, for example, brake lines & fuel systems on military land/air transport vehicles
We can provide fittings within the tightest tolerances. AN fittings, AN Fitting Machined By FlexFit Hosecommonly used in military applications, are part our standard inventory

If you require ITAR-registered manufacturers of PTFE lined hose, fittings, tube bending and, or custom machining to maintain compliance, for you, or your customers, then contact FlexFit Hose today.

Flexible Master Cylinder Brake Hose Assembly Now Available

FlexFit Hose MC Flexible PTFE Brake Hose

FlexFit Hose now offers a PTFE Hose assembly with three different connection sizes; for connecting automotive brake lines between the master cylinder and ABS/DSC/TCS braking modules. The end fittings connect up properly to brake tubing line fittings, eliminating the need for welding. They allow for easy changing for quality assurance applications. This hose is ideal to use for brake module testing & development as well as other standard & high-performance automotive manufacturing applications.

Specifications and more information will be available soon. Contact us now if you, or your customers have an immediate requirement | Contact FlexFit Hose message