Newsletter n┬░43 - 03 April 2017

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Is Your Hose Assembly Protected?

While our industrial hose assemblies are delivered with high quality durability and flexibility, the need often arises to consider an extra layer of hose protection. Whether exposure to high heat, occasional flame, process motion or physical equipment mobilization creating the risk of damage due to abrasions, as well as requiring process routing identification or just needing some aesthetically pleasing elements for your hose assembly – FlexFit Hose has you covered…and protected! We provide various hose protection and covering options depending on your application and, or process environment requirements.

We provide the following types of hose protection:

  • Firesleeve – hose protection from high heat
  • Armor Guard Casing – for crush resistance and anti-kinking
  • Spiral Hose Wrap – high density polyethylene for abrasion & crush resistance, aswell as bundling hose assemblies
  • Spring Guard – lighter in weight for protection of hose assemblies against abrasions and impact of weighted objects

In addition we provide various hose covering material options for applications requiring color based identification, styling and sanitary applications.

Visit our hose protection, covering and tagging page to read more

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