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What Industrial Hose Do You Procure? 3 Essentials to Choose PTFE Hose for Your Process

In one of our past Blog posts we provided 8 reasons you should be using PTFE hose assemblies for your industrial applications. But we know…because we deal with it too; that the amount of information and complexity in identifying and procuring or, offering to your customers, the right industrial hose is vast enough that pruning the list was in order. We do cover most of the 8 points under these 3.

Remember these 3 points about selecting PTFE Hose assemblies as the optimal choice for your project.

You most likely can decrease production downtime and overall cost of ownership if you are currently using another type of industrial hose assembly.


1. PTFE Hose is Extreme and Clean:

     Select PTFE Hose for more extreme and, or sanitary processing conditions.
  • Known for its excellent chemical resistance PTFE hose handles almost any media you need to transfer. You can use our chemical compatibility tool as an initial guide to determine how PTFE hose along with the most common materials for fittings is graded for a particular chemical you are transferring.
  • More extreme temps and pressures – 100° F up to 500° F, up to 3500 psi
  • Clean: FlexFit Hose PTFE hose assemblies meet or exceed sanitary standards for food/beverage, biopharma manufacturing and any other processes requiring the elimination of contaminants during production. They are easy to drain & clean, as they are designed to eliminate buildup of contaminants and bacteria

2. Got Flexibility? Get PTFE Hose if you don’t

     PTFE Hose assemblies are highly flexible industrial hose assemblies
  • For setting up in tight spaces as well as finalizing connections between equipment and other hose/tubing systems.
  • Various bend radii depending on specific size and construction specs
  • Combined with a swivel on one or both ends makes PTFE hose assemblies ideal for connecting equipment with static connections that are already in place

3. PTFE Hose Assemblies Last longer under extreme conditions

     reducing your production downtime and cost
  • PTFE hose assemblies are excellent when motion and vibration come into play for your process
  • They can function in fairly extreme environments for up to millions of cycles depending on the specific process and conditions
  • These industrial hose assemblies could very well could lower your cost to production and overall ownership because they will not break down as fast as industrial hose assemblies constructed from other materials. So if your current hose assembly is breaking down too often, upgrading to PTFE hose may well be the solution to reducing production downtime and total cost of ownership.

Purchase Standard Wall PTFE Hose – R-Flex SAE 100 R14 Now Stocked

SAE 100 R14 PTFE Hose is a more economical solution when your application allows for it

This industrial hose is somewhat lighter duty, but still has the advantages of excellent chemical resistance, higher pressures: up to 3300 psi with 1/8” ID and temperatures -65° F up to 450° F. You will also still benefit in the flexibility and durability of PTFE hose design and construction.

Nominal or standard wall sizes 1/8″ I.D. ( -3 PTFE Hose) up to 1″ I.D. ( -18 PTFE hose) sizes available. Visit our SAE 100 r14 standard wall ptfe hose page for more information.

Please note: FlexFit Hose fittings for heavy-wall true I.D. sizes are also available for standard wall PTFE hose. If you need a specific SAE 100 R14 PTFE hose fitting size not in our inventory, please contact us: or call 410-327-0758.

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