Newsletter n°43 - 03 April 2017

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Custom Hose Assemblies Defined

FlexFit Hose custom hose assemblies 01With ever changing innovation that brings complexity to modern processes, unique problems arise to handle fluid, gas and granulate transfer. Inevitably, this brings about the need to utilize custom hose assemblies. Whether having an end connection jump one size, up or down, modifying the design and machining of a custom hose fitting, or ensuring hose protection to meet the rigors of the process environment.

Services for custom hose assemblies include:

  • Custom hose lengths to 1/16″
  • jump sizes or “step up / step down” hose fittings
  • Material and braiding options
  • Hose covering, protection & tagging:
  • Custom machined fittings solutions
  • Special hose assembly cleaning

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Oxygen Service Hose and Related Cleaning Services

FlexFit Hose offers oxygen service hose & other types of media service cleaning for higher purity processes. PTFE hose assemblies are excellent for use in commercial liquid & gas oxygen hose service,  once they are cleaned according to the required standard. Oxygen cleaning is critical to ensure the elimination of organic hydrocarbon particles, such as grease, oil solvents, etc, can act as fuel catalyst, resulting in an accidental explosion or fire.It is also important for contamination control – ensuring the hose is cleaned to the standard required, capped and bagged within the clean environment. Please visit our Hose for Oxygen Service page for more information, or contact us today if you require this service | Contact FlexFit Hose message