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PTFE Hose – The Superior Industrial Hose Assemblies for More Flexibility and Longer Process Life-Cycles

Industrial automation processes involving the transfer of fluids, gases and, or granulates require highly controlled components that fall within tight tolerances. A major part of these industrial process systems include the requirement for durable, flexible, high-performance industrial hose assemblies.

Modern process systems require industrial hoses with a high resistance to various chemicals as well as specified ranges of high heat or sub-zero cold tolerance. Procuring a sub-standard industrial hose assembly can lower quality outcomes, and even ruin the process.

Here at FlexFit Hose, manufacturers of industrial hose assemblies and related products, you can purchase superior hose assemblies that connect up properly, provide superior flexibility and longer life-cycles. Our industrial hose assemblies help to reduce your production downtime and ultimately decrease the impact to your bottom line by lowering total cost of ownership.

Among the various types of industrial hose components offered by FlexFit Hose, our parts meet or exceed requirements for clean process manufacturing, military, marine, auto aerospace transport and more. Please see our Markets Serviced to read more about the various industries we currently service with our industrial hose products.

We currently offer PTFE hose, flexible metal hose with welded hose fittings, and silicone hose. Our standard industrial hose fittings, made from 316L stainless steel – other hose fitting materials are available. Our standard inventory of hose fittings are manufactured with precision on fully automated CNC Swiss machines.

The rigorous construction and fabrication process we adhere to produces high quality industrial hose assemblies and related components, utilized over a wide range of applications. Our web catalog is a good place to start reviewing and selecting the components you require. You can purchase completely fabricated industrial hose assemblies, cut to custom lengths with selected hose fittings, or have the components delivered to you promptly in bulk.

Industrial Hoses

One of the types of industrial hose assemblies we specialize in is made with an inner PTFE hose liner and 316L stainless steel fittings. PTFE hoses are used heavily in sanitary manufacturing processes, as they meet or exceed the standards required for ensuring clean processing. Designed for easy cleaning and draining, PTFE hose will not impart taste or odor to the media being processed. The design of these industrial hose assemblies makes them easy to drain, clean and helps overall to prevent the harboring of bacteria that can lead to contamination. This makes them ideal for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries as well as others such as semiconductor wafer manufacturing and chemical processing. Please see our standards compliance list for PTFE hose assemblies. Silicone hose is also available when higher levels of purity are required.

Our flexible metal hose is the latest addition to our line of industrial hose components. These corrugated flexible stainless steel hose assemblies come with the hose fittings welded onto the industrial hose. While providing somewhat similar pressure ranges to PTFE hose assemblies, they withstand a greater temperature range, from cryogenic up to 1500° F. Our flexible metal hose meets or exceeds ISO10380 at maximum working pressure.

Our customers appreciate the high-quality value put into these products that starts with a fair purchase price option, while lowering the overall cost of ownership for the life of the product. Customers of FlexFit Hose can expect the superior performance of our industrial hose assemblies to meet or exceed stringent demands for strength, flexibility and reliability. Request a Quote Today.
Click on an industrial hose product below or visit our web catalog to select the one your process requires.

At FlexFit Hose we are known for providing our industrial clients with the highest-quality flexible hose and flexible metal hose with a focus on superior customer service. All of our flexible hose products are fabricated in-house and are subject to the most stringent of testing protocols. When you call to order flexible metal hose or hose products of any kind, we can provide you with a fast and accurate quote. Once you give the green light, your order of custom flexible hose fittings and products will be delivered in just one to two days.  

Why Our Clients Choose Us for Their Stainless Braided Hose Needs

When ordering flexible metal hose products, there is nothing worse than getting your order and finding out that it’s not exactly what you wanted. Maybe the flexible metal tubing isn’t as flexible as you’d like. Perhaps you can just tell that the products are of lower quality. The very worst is when you start to use the industrial hose assemblies only to find that they crack or leak, which can be expensive and damaging for your bottom line.

You shouldn’t have to put up with that type of frustration. Our corrugated metal hose products, metal braided hose assemblies and all flexible hoses are exactly as you order. Even if yours is a highly-customized order, we can accommodate you. We can even keep your custom order on hand just in case you need more on the fly. That’s our promise to you as your metal hose supplier.


High-Grade PTFE Hoses – More Flexibility and Longer Lifecycles

Depending on what you’ll be using the flexible hose products for, it’s likely that you will have all sorts of materials flowing through the metal hose and fittings, like fluids, gases, or granulates. All three of these types of media require components that won’t fail when under pressure. Instead, you need your flexible hose assemblies to stand up to the most rigorous processes. You need the flexible metal hoses to be durable, high-performance, and as flexible as you need them to be.

When you order from FlexFit Hose, you be can rest assured that our modern processes make for some of the strongest and most durable flexible hose assemblies in the industry. Our metal hose assemblies are designed for tough to reduce production downtimes while simultaneously increasing your bottom line. This effectively lowers the total cost of ownership. Therefore, ordering your flexible metal tubing from FlexFit Hose just makes sense.

We Serve a Variety of Industries with Industrial Hoses

We have many types of clients we work with as flexible hose suppliers. Among the types of industrial components we offer, our parts are designed to meet and exceed the requirements established by the semiconductor, Pharmaceutical, Cosmetics, General Manufacturing industries, and many others.

Whether you require industrial hose, all metal hose, braided hose, oxygen hose or flexible sanitary hose, we are your quality custom hose assembly manufacturer and we want to hear from you!

Call us for a free quote and find out why we’re the preferred tubing supplier.

Our Commitment to Higher-Quality Flexible Hose Assemblies

You never have to worry if our flexible hoses will fit your requirements or hold up to your strict standards. From the very first delivery of FlexFit Hose products, you will experience the very best of customer service while receiving just the custom parts you ordered. Every subsequent order for flexible metal hose assembly will replicate this level of service, allowing you to feel satisfied that you made a great investment in your business, system, or your equipment. If you want quality flexible hose you can always trust, FlexFit Hose is who you should call.

Hose Fittings with CNC Precision

When we fabricate flexible hose or flexible metal hose, we ensure quality every step of the way. Once the piece has been manufactured, it is then thoroughly tested by our quality assurance team. If any part of our metal hose assemblies doesn’t meet our standards, it is discarded. We only allow the very best flexible hose assemblies to be shipped to your company.

That means that, unlike other flexible hose suppliers, we don’t just test a small sample of our product before shipping your order out. Instead, we test every single piece that gets fabricated by our custom hose assembly manufacturing team. We do this for one simple reason.

We would rather have the flexible hose or flexible metal hose assembly fail in our facility rather than on your production line. That’s why we ensure quality, flexibility, and durability prior to shipping. When you get your order, you will receive cleaned and packaged flexible hose parts that contain Material Test Reports (MTRs), Pressure Test Certifications (PTCs), Capped, Labeled for traceability and our quality guarantee.

You don’t need to request proof of quality assurance nor do you ever have to wonder if our flexible hose materials will hold up to the media and processes you use on your production line. We make sure you’re aware of the high-value of our products and services every time you place your order with us.

Flexible Hose Assemblies

Get Flexible Hose Assemblies That Are Fully Cleaned and Packaged

We would never ship out dirty or unclean flexible metal hose assembly parts and pieces. Instead, you can rest assured that when you place an order with us your shipment will arrive perfectly cleaned and ready to use. We do this because we want to keep your expectations high when you work with our custom hose suppliers. Additional cleaning options are available such as oxygen cleaning, additional fees may apply.

Receiving a dirty hose assembly is an unsightly issue and can sour your relationship with your custom flexible hose manufacturer. At FlexFit Hose, we would never allow that to happen. We always ship our flexible metal hose assemblies so that they are as clean as possible and free of any particles or debris. We will make sure all of our custom hose assemblies are cleaned inside and out before arriving at your door.

When your order is ready to be shipped, we don’t just toss your custom hose assemblies in a box and call it a day. Rather, each FlexFit Hose product is individually packaged, labeled, and boxed so that it’s as presentable as can be prior to delivery. When you open the box, you will find all male fittings capped and other precautions to prevent damage during shipment. Therefore, you know when you order from your flexible hose suppliers that your order will always arrive as you expect. You can be rest assured your hose assemblies will be cleaned, packaged, and delivered just as you ordered.

Extreme Attention to Detail

What does our quality assurance check for? When we fabricate flexible hose and flexible metal hose assemblies, we customize them for your complete satisfaction. We then check those products to ensure they are ideal for MRO or new manufacturing plants. We then ship out our flexible hose products with the following details listed on every product packaging : The date of manufacturing, part number, lot number, heat number, quantity, and PSI testing data. That way, if you ever need a replacement part or need to order a part as soon as possible, even if it’s highly-customized, we can accommodate you. We even make it a habit to keep customized parts on hand just in case you need them in the near future. For that reason, we can partner with you to ensure that you always have the flexible hose and flexible metal hose assemblies that you need to keep your operations running efficiently all the year through.

Quality Metal Hose Assemblies Here!

It can be frustrating when you order stainless steel hose and the parts don’t fit together as intended. This can cause problems in your production line, stoppages, and other expensive issues. We never want you to feel as though you have been cheated out of a quality flexible hose product.

For that reason, when you order from FlexFit Hose, you can rest assured that our quality standards are just as high or even higher than yours. From our braided hose and industrial hose assemblies to our corrugated metal hoses and flexible metal hoses, if they need to fit together they’ll do so exactly to your specifications.

If you plan to run fluid, gases, or granulates through the flexible metal hose assemblies, you want to ensure that the braided metal hoses will remain fastened together. You want to make sure there are no leaks or cracks. Furthermore, you want to know that your flexible hose assemblies will remain intact under pressure.

Compare our quality standards to yours and you’ll understand why so many industrial clients around the world choose us for their flexible hose assemblies and flexible metal hose assembly needs.

How to Order

When you’ve decided that FlexFit hose is your ideal choice for all flexible hose assemblies, the first step is to call for a free quote or email us. We remain completely transparent with regard to all of our quotes. If you have questions or concerns, we will be happy to answer them. We pride ourselves on our high levels of customer service and remain committed to providing you with superior flexible hose products at a reasonable price..

We Get to Know Your Business

We work with a wide range of industries to provide them with industrial flexible hose assemblies they can always trust. For that reason, it’s likely that we have a client that is similar in scope to your organization, which means that we might have flexible metal hose like the ones you require right here in our inventory.

If we need to customize your hose assemblies, we will take the time to get to know your industry, business, and processes where you will be putting our flexible hoses to good use.

We fabricate all of our flexible metal hose and other assembly in-house, which allows us to keep solid control of our design and manufacturing processes.

Whether you require flexible hose, all metal hose, metal braided hose, oxygen hose, steam hoses, PTFE Hoses or any other type of flexible metal hose, we want to discuss your custom hose assembly needs and requirements.

Call FlexFit Hose to discuss your next order. We can provide you with a fast and accurate quote, then we’ll ship your order so that you can receive in just one or two days. You can be sure that your order of flexible hose assembly parts will arrive clean and clearly labeled, as well as ordered exactly to your specifications.

If you ever have issues with your order, we are always here to assist you. We put prime focus into our customer service, which means that you can be rest assured that our representatives will listen to your concerns before providing you with a valuable solution. Our goal is to maintain a long-lasting business relationship with you so that we can always satisfy your flexible metal hose assembly requirements whenever you have the need.

Order A PTFE Hose or Metal Hose Today – Receive a Free Quote

Don’t delay if you have the need for the highest-quality flexible hose assemblies or all metal hose assemblies. We have custom hose manufacturing representatives standing by to take your call. All of our flexible hose customer service representatives are trained to listen to your unique needs and understand your industrial process requirements so that we can provide you with right products you need to maintain efficiency and keep costs low. By working with us, you can lower your cost of ownership, which improves your bottom line. When you work with FlexFit Hose, you can be sure that your flexible hose products will always be top of the line.

Call or email us today and receive a free fast quote for all flexible hose and flexible metal hose assemblies. You’ll be glad you did.