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Annealed Tube Adapter Style 32 TR
specs tube stub 01specs tube stub 32specs tube stub 03
  • Softer HRB 80min ensures nuts & ferrules dig in to tubing properly
  • Internal chamfering provides a smooth transition between the fitting and hose
  • Made with 316L stainless steel
  • Crimp ferrules made with 304 stainless steel
  • Tubing and connection have identical matching dimensions
  • Electropolishing for tube adapters is available

Annealed Tube Adapter Style 32 TR Product Specifications

Hose Barb SizeConnection SizePart Number
1/8″1/8″FF0232 TR
1/8″1/4″FF0232 TR U
1/8″3/8″FF0232 TR UU
1/8″1/2″FF0232 TR UUU
1/8″8 MMFF0232 TR 8 MM
1/8″10 MMFF0232 TR 10 MM
1/8″12 MMFF0232 TR 12 MM
1/4″1/8″FF0432 TR D
1/4″1/4″FF0432 TR
1/4″3/8″FF0432 TR U
1/4″1/2″FF0432 TR UU
1/4″8 MMFF0432 TR 8 MM
1/4″10 MMFF0432 TR 10 MM
1/4″12 MMFF0432 TR 12 MM
3/8″1/4″FF0632 TR D
3/8″3/8″FF0632 TR
3/8″1/2″FF0632 TR U
3/8″8 MMFF0632 TR 8 MM
3/8″10 MMFF0632 TR 10 MM
3/8″12 MMFF0632 TR 12 MM
1/2″3/8″FF0832 TR D
1/2″1/2″FF0832 TR
1/2″8 MMFF0832 TR 8 MM
1/2″10 MMFF0832 TR 10 MM
1/2″12 MMFF0832 TR 12 MM
3/4″3/4″FF1232 TR
3/4″1″FF1232 TR U
1″3/4″FF1632 TR D
1″1″FF1632 TR


PTFE hose assembly with annealed tube adapter

No Groove Necessary – Annealed Tube Adapter Seals Precisely

Our annealed tube adapter style 32 TR is machined in-house on Swiss screw machines and is part of the standard inventory of fittings from FlexFit Hose. This annealed tube adapter is constructed using a softer 316 stainless steel alloy; HRB 80min. Customers can be confident that nuts & ferrules dig-in properly to the tubing for an exact connection. If a more traditional notched tube adapter, with a groove on the tube stub, is desired, then our standard tube adapter style 32 is available. Our annealed tube adapter style 32 TR has been designed for connecting universally to all major brands of nuts & ferrules.

Annealed tube adapter fittings as end connections on PTFE hose are ideal for process instrumentation across various manufacturing industries. Our highly flexible and durable PTFE hose assemblies with this style of tube adapter are used in general chemical and fluid transfer processes. Due to our PTFE hose assemblies meeting or exceeding required sanitary standards, our hoses with annealed tube adapter ends are also used in sanitary processes requiring higher purity control; such as pharmaceutical, food & beverage and silicon wafer ( wet process ) manufacturing.

Our annealed tube adapter style 32 TR stocked in our warehouse is made of 316 stainless steel and has a softer alloy ( HRB 80 or less ) than our notched tube adapter style 32. FlexFit Hose can machine your tube adapter fittings using other materials, such as brass, hastelloy and more. Please call or use our contact form to enquire about other materials.

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