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C-Flex PTFE Hose

Extra Flexibility with C-Flex Convoluted PTFE Hose

Select our convoluted-bore, heavy wall PTFE hose with braided stainless steel reinforcement for greater flexibility: true inner diameter – I.D. sizes of 1/2″ up to 2″. The PTFE hose core is a helical convolution, or a single, continuous corrugation throughout the PTFE hose core, allowing the hose to drain completely. When better flow rates are desired, select our B-Flex PTFE hose or sanitary ST-Flex PTFE hose. Let us fabricate your C-Flex PTFE hose assemblies at our manufacturing facility by selecting from our hose fittings, standard in 316L stainless steel with other fitting materials available. Our crimp collars for these hose assemblies are made from 304 stainless steel. If you are in need of bulk hose, purchase C-Flex PTFE hose in bulk lengths starting at 50 feet along with hose bulk fittings and crimp collars.

Be sure to check specifications for the type of hose you require for your process  – Please see below for detailed specifications; these include: temperature ratings, working pressure, burst pressure and minimum bend radius. You can use our Chemical Compatibility Tool as a guide to ensure PTFE hose is okay to use for your chemical transfer. If you are still uncertain as to the specific hose, fitting type or you require a customized solution, Email us: sales@flexfithose.com or call us: 410-327-0758.

Benefits of C-Flex PTFE Hose

  • Rated for temperatures of -100°F to 500°F
  • True inner diameter or I.D.
  • Heavy-wall core PTFE hose design
  • Easily drains
  • Can be sterilized and autoclaved
  • Vacuum rated
  • High pressure rated
  • Additional flexibility
FlexFit Hose C Flex PTFE Hose

Construction of C-Flex PTFE Hose

Inner Core: Convoluted PTFE

  • PolyTetraFluoroEthylene or PTFE hose
  • Helical convolution lets the PTFE hose comptletely drain
  • Chemical resistance for handling various fluids & gases
  • Non-absorbent, non-stick surface
  • Will not impart taste or odor
  • Non-contaminating
  • Non-aging: no deterioration over time
  • Easy to clean
  • Reduces entrapment issues and build-up of deposits
  • Low friction

Outer Reinforcement Layer: Braided Stainless Steel

  • Allows the PTFE hose to maintain its shape & support once positioned
  • Increases the bending capability of the hose
  • Protects the inner PTFE hose core from external damage
  • Makes it easier to attach hose fittings
  • Adds strength to the PTFE hose core
  • Constructed of 304 braided stainless steel

C-Flex PTFE Hose Specifications

Name Working Pressure Burst Pressure Hose I.D. (Inches) Hose O.D. (Inches) Bend Radius (Inches)
C-FLEX-08 1,500 PSI 6,000 PSI .50 IN .76 IN 2.5 IN
C-FLEX-12 1,100 PSI 4,400 PSI .75 IN 1.00 IN 3.0 IN
C-FLEX-16 1,000 PSI 4,000 PSI 1.00 IN 1.32 IN 5.5 IN
C-FLEX-24 700 PSI 2,800 PSI 1.50 IN 2.03 IN 6.0 IN
C-FLEX-32 525 PSI 2,100 PSI 2.00 IN 2.46 IN 7.5 IN

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