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Custom Hose Assemblies

When You Require A Custom Hose Solution –  FlexFit Hose Can Deliver

Custom PTFE Hose AssembliesWith ever changing innovation that brings complexity to modern processes & automation, unique problems arise to handle fluid, gas and granulate transfer. Inevitably, this brings about the need to deviate from using standard industrial hose solutions and, instead utilize custom hose assemblies. Whether you need to have an end connection jump one size, up or down, modify the design and machining of a custom hose fitting, or ensure hose protection to meet the rigors of the process environment; FlexFit Hose delivers custom PTFE hose assemblies for your special projects. Manufacturers as well as OEM Companies continue to employ FlexFit Hose’ expertise to overcome issues of process & automation systems design that warrant custom hose assemblies.

Services for Custom Hose Assemblies

Custom hose lengths – while there are many standard lengths for process and automation, FFH can cut hose assemblies to within 1/16″

Jump sizes or “step up / step down” hose fittings – FFH machines and, in some cases, even stocks hose fittings allowing the next larger or smaller size of industrial hose and metal tubing to be connected. So when you need to use a smaller, or larger hose fitting to connect up the next size of hose assembly or metal tubing, we can create a custom hose assembly to solve your issue.

Material and braiding options – FlexFit Hose can help design your custom hose assembly by considering different braiding materials, such as hastelloy or stainless steel grades aside from our standard 304 SS reinforcement. Double stainless steel braiding for PTFE lined hose, depending on I.D. and Custom PTFE Hose Assemblies core thickness, can enhance flexibility or provide different pressure and temperature tolerances.

Hose covering, protection & tagging:

Hose covering – for aesthetics or specific project requirements – options include polyolefin, silicone, santoprene, neoprene and more

Hose protection – metal casing, spring guard, fire sleeve for high heat environments and extreme temperature insulation with the option to encapsulate the ends for cryogenic or high heat applications

Flex Tags – for asset management and traceability, various color options available

Custom machined fittings solutions

Special hose assembly cleaning – for oxygen service, nitrogen and other chemicals requiring protocols to remove contaminants and particles.


With our team’s extensive knowledge & skills in hose assembly fabrication, confirmation of its construction, crimp ferrule analysis and, or CNC machining, FlexFit Hose continues to provide custom hose assemblies when the need for a solution must go beyond typical process & automation requirements.


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