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Flexible Metal Hose

All Metal Hose Assemblies – Flexible Metal Hose – Lined Corrugated Stainless Steel – High Temperature Hose

Industrial Hose for Extreme Temperatures: Cryogenic up to 1500° F

 Benefits of Flexible Metal Hose

  • All Metal Hose, Stainless Steel Hose, Flexible Metal HoseAll metal hose – corrugated stainless steel core, sold standalone or with braided steel layers
  • Pressure tolerances include full vacuum to those listed in the spec table below
  • Application Temperature ratings from Cryogenic to 1500° F
  • Meets or exceeds ISO 10380 at maximum working pressure


 Construction of Flexible Metal Hose Assemblies


Inner Core: Corrugated Stainless Steel

  • Flexible metal hose stainless steel core strengths are available in 304, 321 and 316L stainless steel
  •  Stainless steel tubing formed into corrugations parallel to one another
  • Helical / Convoluted option available upon request

Outer Core: Braided Stainless Steel Layers

  •  Purchase corrugated core hose with no layers, single or double braided
  • Flexible metal hose outer braid layers made from 304 stainless steel
  • See braid layer code key at the bottom of this table


Flexible Metal Hose Specifications

Size-NameBraid LayerPressure Rating at 70°F  Hose I.D.Hose O.D.Static Bend RadiusDynamic Bend RadiusWeight per Foot
  Working PSITestBurst PSI     
1/4″ Flexible Metal Hose
0140 PSI210 PSI 0.25 IN  0.46 IN4 IN    6 IN0.10 LBS/FT
12373 PSI3564 PSI9500 PSI0.51 IN0.17 LBS/FT
23125 PSI4687 PSI12500 PSI0.56 IN0.28 LBS/FT
3/8″ Flexible Metal Hose
0100 PSI150 PSI 0.375 IN  0.61 IN2 IN    4 IN0.13 LBS/FT
11650 PSI2475 PSI6600 PSI0.67 IN0.22 LBS/FT
22200 PSI3300 PSI8800 PSI0.73 IN0.36 LBS/FT
1/2″ Flexible Metal Hose
075 PSI113 PSI 0.50 IN  0.76 IN3 IN    5 IN0.17 LBS/FT
11100 PSI1650 PSI4400 PSI0.81 IN0.27 LBS/FT
21624 PSI2437 PSI6500 PSI0.87 IN0.38 LBS/FT
3/4″ Flexible Metal Hose
050 PSI75 PSI 0.75 IN  1.05 IN4 IN    6 IN0.25 LBS/FT
1800 PSI1200 PSI3200 PSI1.10 IN0.44 LBS/FT
21250 PSI1874 PSI5000 PSI1.16 IN0.63 LBS/FT
1″ Flexible Metal Hose
050 PSI75 PSI 1.00 IN  1.34 IN4.5 IN    7 IN0.35 LBS/FT
1750 PSI1125 PSI3000 PSI1.42 IN0.63 LBS/FT
21000 PSI1500 PSI4000 PSI1.50 IN0.92 LBS/FT
1-1/4″ Flexible Metal Hose
025 PSI37.5 PSI 1.25 IN  1.64 IN4 IN    11 IN0.46 LBS/FT
1725 PSI1089 PSI2900 PSI1.72 IN0.83 LBS/FT
21100 PSI1650 PSI4400 PSI1.80 IN1.23 LBS/FT
1-1/2″ Flexible Metal Hose
020 PSI30 PSI 1.50 IN  1.88 IN4.5 IN    12 IN0.49 LBS/FT
1565 PSI850 PSI2260 PSI1.95 IN0.83 LBS/FT
2886 PSI1330 PSI3550 PSI2.02 IN1.24 LBS/FT
2″ Flexible Metal Hose
016 PSI24 PSI 2.00 IN  2.48 IN5 IN    13 IN0.71 LBS/FT
1500 PSI750 PSI2000 PSI2.58 IN1.38 LBS/FT
2750 PSI1050 PSI3000 PSI2.69 IN2.15 LBS/FT
2-1/2″ Flexible Metal Hose  012 PSI18 PSI 2.50 IN  3.33 IN5 IN    13 IN1.29 LBS/FT
1400 PSI600 PSI1600 PSI3.45 IN2.10 LBS/FT
2600 PSI900 PSI2400 PSI3.57 IN2.97 LBS/FT
3″ Flexible Metal Hose
08 PSI12 PSI 3.00 IN  3.89 IN7.5 IN    16 IN1.53 LBS/FT
1289 PSI432 PSI1150 PSI4.01 IN2.38 LBS/FT
2431 PSI647 PSI1725 PSI4.13 IN3.35 LBS/FT
3-1/2″ Flexible Metal Hose
07 PSI11 PSI 3.50 IN  4.36 IN8 IN    17 IN1.66 LBS/FT
1286 PSI428 PSI1140 PSI4.45 IN2.81 LBS/FT
2400 PSI600 PSI1600 PSI4.53 IN4.09 LBS/FT
4″ Flexible Metal Hose
05 PSI7.5 PSI 4.00 IN  4.83 IN10 IN    20 IN1.96 LBS/FT
1250 PSI375 PSI1000 PSI5.03 IN3.15 LBS/FT
2375 PSI564 PSI1500 PSI5.23 IN4.47 LBS/FT
5″ Flexible Metal Hose
03.5 PSI5.3 PSI 5.00 IN 5.94 IN12 IN24 IN2.77 LBS/FT
1200 PSI300 PSI800 PSI6.10 IN4.08 LBS/FT
1 AP200 PSI300 PSI800 PSI6.08 IN3.99 LBS/FT
2245 PSI367 PSI980 PSI6.14 IN5.54 LBS/FT
2 AP245 PSI367 PSI980 PSI6.10 IN5.35 LBS/FT
1 2X245 PSI367 PSI980 PSI6.22 IN5.07 LBS/FT
1 2X-AP245 PSI367 PSI980 PSI6.18 IN5.06 LBS/FT
6″ Flexible Metal Hose
03 PSI4.5 PSI 6.00 IN  6.95 IN15 IN     30 IN3.35 LBS/FT
1175 PSI263 PSI700 PSI7.15 IN4.79 LBS/FT
1 AP175 PSI263 PSI700 PSI7.13 IN4.77 LBS/FT
2225 PSI338 PSI900 PSI7.35 IN6.39 LBS/FT
2 AP225 PSI338 PSI900 PSI7.27 IN6.34 LBS/FT
1 2X275 PSI413 PSI1100 PSI7.20 IN6.05 LBS/FT
1 2X-AP250 PSI375 PSI1000 PSI7.18 IN5.99 LBS/FT
8″ Flexible Metal Hose
02.7 PSI4.1 PSI 8.00 IN  9.08 IN20 IN    40 IN5.33 LBS/FT
1 2X212 PSI318 PSI850 PSI9.44 IN7.66 LBS/FT
1 2X-AP175 PSI263 PSI700 PSI9.40 IN7.48 LBS/FT
10″ Flexible Metal Hose
02.2 PSI3.3 PSI 10.00 IN  11.10 IN25 IN    50 IN8.71 LBS/FT
1 2X175 PSI263 PSI700 PSI11.49 IN12.66 LBS/FT
1 2X-AP185 PSI277 PSI740 PSI11.44 IN13.65 LBS/FT
12″ Flexible Metal Hose
01.81 PSI2.71 PSI 12.00 IN  13.22 IN30 IN    60 IN11.59 LBS/FT
1 2X160 PSI240 PSI640 PSI13.51 IN17.53 LBS/FT
1 2X-AP170 PSI256 PSI680 PSI13.47 IN18.61 LBS/FT


Braid Layer Code Key

  • AP is an alternative braid design to allow corresponding pressures
  • 2x is braiding that matches up to corresponding pressures
  • Please contact us if you have any questions about braiding. Call 410-327-0758 or Email: [email protected]
  • Please consider the performance/pressure impact of corrections for media temperature for your selected material

Select our flexible all metal hose for your applications that require flexible hose assemblies for more extreme temperatures, with similar pressures to our PTFE hose assemblies . Ranging from 1/4” up to 12” in diameter, the flexible metal hose is constructed with a corrugated stainless steel liner, and is sold alone, or reinforced with one or more outer covers of braided stainless steel to meet your process application requirements. Varying metal strengths of the corrugated liner and additional layers of braiding are available for the flexible metal hose as well. Please consult the data sheet, or contact us to determine which strength and reinforcement of braided stainless steel is needed to meet your process requirements. Industrial hose fittings , offered by FlexFit Hose, are welded onto the hose, providing a strong, flexible metal hose assembly. All metal hoses are an ideal option when you need a high temperature hose or flexible metal hose. These high temperature hoses are used in applications, from Cryogenic up to 1500° F, at varying pressures. Flexible metal hose is used for applications such as:

  • suction
  • conveying and transporting chemicals
  • liquid gas
  • coolants
  • steam transfer
  • oil
  • and more

If you are unsure which flexible metal hose type with varying stainless steel strengths and outer braid layers, you should purchase, be sure to submit our Request a Quote form , providing the media/chemical being transferred through the flexible metal hose, working pressure and temperature. We’ll respond promptly to help.

*larger sizes of flexible metal hose are available, please contact us if you are need of a size not listed.

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