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Male NPT style 03

specs male npt 01specs male npt 02specs male npt 03
  • Internal Chamfered- Al lows a smooth transition between hose and f ittings.
  • Made with 316L Stainless Steel .
  • Crimp Ferrules made with 304 Stainless Steel.
  • Electro-polished connection available.
  • Tubing and Connection has identical dimension match.
Male NPT 03 (Product Specs)
Connection StyleHose Barb SizeConnection SizePart Number
Male NPT1/8″1/16″FF0203 D
Male NPT1/8″1/8″FF0203
Male NPT1/8″1/4″FF0203 U
Male NPT1/8″3/8″FF0203 UU
Male NPT1/8″1/2″FF0203 UUU
Male NPT1/4″1/8″FF0403 D
Male NPT1/4″1/4″FF0403
Male NPT1/4″3/8″FF0403 U
Male NPT3/8″1/4″FF0603 D
Male NPT3/8″3/8″FF060 3
Male NPT3/8″1/2″FF0603 U
Male NPT1/2″3/8″FF0803 D
Male NPT1/2″1/2″FF0803
Male NPT1/2″3/4″FF0803 U
Male NPT3/4″1/2″FF1203 D
Male NPT3/4″3/4″FF1203
Male NPT3/4″1 “FF1203 U
Male NPT1″3/4 “FF1603 D
Male NPT1″1 “FF1603
Male NPT1 1/2″1 1/2″FF2403
Male NPT2″2″FF3203
specs male npt bottom
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