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ST-Flex Silicone Covered PTFE Hose

Sanitize Your Clean Process With ST-Flex PTFE Hose

Benefits of ST-Flex PTFE Hose

  • Sanitary outer layer to ensure clean processing
  • True inner diameter or I.D. for better flow rates
  • Rated for temps of -100° F to 500° F
  • Drains out easily
  • Fully vacuum rated
  • High pressure rated
  • Heavy-wall PTFE hose design
  • Still great PTFE hose flexibility and longer production life-cycles
ST-Flex Sanitary PTFE Hose

Construction of ST-Flex PTFE hose

Outer Layer: Silicone Cover

  • Rated for high temperature
  • Compatible with a wide variety of chemicals
  • Smooth, cleanable, non-aging, non-contaminating surface
  • Extra protection from hot and cold media transfer through the PTFE hose

Inner Core: Smooth tube PTFE

  • PolyTetraFluoroEthylene or PTFE hose
  • Non-absorbent, non-stick surface
  • Will not impart taste or odor
  • Easy to clean & non-contaminating
  • Rated for high or low pressure
  • Non-aging; no deterioration over time
  • Reduces entrapment issues and build-up of deposits
  • Low friction
  • Excellent chemical resistance, handling a variety of fluids & gases

Reinforcement: Braided Stainless Steel

  • Constructed of 304 braided Stainless Steel
  • Increases the bending capability of hose
  • Protects the inner PTFE hose core from damage
  • Easier to attach hose fittings
  • PTFE hose maintains shape and support when installed

ST-Flex PTFE Hose Specications

NameWorking PressureBurst PressureHose I.D. (Inches)Hose O.D. (Inches)Bend Radius (Inches)
ST-FLEX-023,500 PSI15,000 PSI1/8 OR .125 IN.43 IN1.5 IN
ST-FLEX-04 3,250 PSI13,000 PSI1/4  OR .25 IN.50 IN1.5 IN
ST-FLEX-06 2,500 PSI10,000 PSI3/8 OR .375 IN.65 IN2.0 IN
ST-FLEX-08 2,000 PSI 8,000 PSI1/2  OR .50 IN.81 IN3.0 IN
ST-FLEX-121,000 PSI4,500 PSI3/4 OR .75 IN1.02 IN8.2 IN
ST-FLEX-161,000 PSI4,000 PSI1  OR 1.00 IN1.36 IN12.0 IN
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