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Not so long ago, in Baltimore, a fabrication shop for PTFE hose assemblies was born

FlexFit Hose LLC Baltimore MarylandIn early 2009, partners, possessing extensive knowledge & expertise in the fabrication of PTFE hose assemblies, saw a great opportunity and established FlexFit Hose, LLC. The opportunity they seized upon was providing higher quality PTFE hose assemblies along with superior customer service to manufacturers across the USA and beyond. The founders were were confident that they could provide far better service to manufacturers, fed up with lower quality products, substandard customer service and long lead times – being the industry norm. They decided to revolutionize the way manufacturers used PTFE hose assemblies, with a focus on helping to reduce production downtime.

FlexFit Hose committed to producing flexible, durable PTFE hose assemblies; cutting to custom lengths, testing every hose assembly, and delivering to customers faster. The management  team knew that if they properly supported products with demonstrated quality, their customers would have cleaner, more reliable manufacturing systems, and would continue to purchase PTFE hose assemblies for the long-term.

To ensure product quality they selected hose that was thick wall PTFE hose core with outer braided stainless steel. This ensured great flexibility and longer life-cycles. They completed the PTFE hose assemblies with hose fittings made from 316L stainless steel as standard. They established a stringent process of validating and testing their PTFE hose assemblies. They made sure materials, methods of construction, cleaning, bagging and labeling their products would meet or exceed industry standards. Standards not only required for clean and pure processing, but delivered PTFE hose assemblies ready for production right out of the box; no extra cleaning or draining necessary.

Not finding hose fitting manufacturers that provided the quality and fast delivery that FlexFit Hose required of themselves, they brought in CNC Swiss machines and highly-skilled programmers to make hose fittings for their PTFE hose assemblies in-house. Now, having full control over quality and delivery of their PTFE hose assemblies, they could provide components in bulk as well. Having CNC machines in-house also provided custom fitting and machine part solutions when customers required them.The results have been exactly what they thought: happy customers having superior PTFE hose assemblies delivered faster.

The team at FlexFit Hose also knew that providing poor customer service was quite the norm for the majority of other companies manufacturing PTFE hose assemblies; little or no immediate follow ups to customers requesting quotes, delivery times long enough to negatively impact production costs – and an overall carefree attitude. So from the start of the company, a commitment to excellence in customer service was made. Particularly following up to RFQs within a day, and delivering much faster than other hose manufacturers.

Now, FlexFit provides customers with an array of choices when it comes to their custom PTFE hose assemblies. Our experts can help you determine exactly what you need to do your job right the first time, the last time, every time. Building on their successful approach, the company continues finding new ways to provide customers with the very best in PTFE hose assemblies. rohrreinigung münchen

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