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Ensure Your Semiconductor Fabrication Plant Performs Well


To say that the semiconductor industry lies at the heart of technological innovation isn’t overstating matters. Some of the most exciting technological research and breakthroughs, such as IoT networks, smartphones, and even driverless cars, as well as most of our modern electronics, all depend heavily on the quality and quantity of semiconductors that chipmakers manufacture.

The semiconductor industry is an extensive and highly competitive industry—2020 predictions for global sales exceed $433 billion, while the industry itself is expected to grow by 5.9% compared to 2019.

That being said, in order for semiconductor manufacturers to meet stringent demands, they must apply the correct approach, the best-suited technologies, and maintain strict attention-to-detail.

Prioritize Cleanliness

There are perhaps a few manufacturing environments where cleanliness is more important than in a semiconductor fabrication plant. Bear in mind that these are products with tolerance levels that are measurable down to the millionth of a centimeter. Considering how even one little speck of dust can jeopardize your entire operation, it’s important to ensure that the protocols and equipment your organization uses to clean the facility are up to standard. Make regular cleaning and maintenance a priority.

Follow Industry Standards

The rapid growth and sustained importance of the semiconductor industry also mean that the field’s standards are consistently revised and added to. One of the more recent of these standards is SEMI E176-1017. This is incredibly important for plants to adhere to if they’ve got plans to scale operations to meet demand. It involves addressing electromagnetic interference (EMI) in the manufacturing environment.

Leverage Better Technologies

Integrating better technologies into your manufacturing operations makes it far easier to collect relevant data and make more educated decisions regarding approving or rejecting specific semiconductor manufacturing practices and semiconductor products themselves. Gathering operational data on a granular level helps surface a myriad of issues that can help you draw up better process upgrades and improvements. pax 3 vs mighty

Ptfe Chemical Hose

One of the most effective technological solutions you can leverage for transferring chemicals for wet process manufacturing is state-of-the-art custom PTFE hose assemblies. FlexFit Hose’s ST-Flex Hose assemblies meet the strict demands of semiconductor fabrication plants, including impeccably clean, static-free, and pure chemical manufacturing environments.

The hose assemblies contain a sanitary outer layer that ensures clean processing, a true inner diameter for improved flow rates, a wide temperature rating range, can withstand high pressures, and more.

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