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Welcome to FlexFit Hose LLC

Industrial Hose Assemblies For Process & Automation

Our Quality Service Promise

Customer service excellence, the highest quality in hose assembly manufacturing and thorough testing to demonstrate that quality on everything we fabricate.

FlexFit Hose provides quality industrial hoses, hose fittings and related products. One of our specialities is custom PTFE hose assemblies with stainless steel fittings, manufactured in-house on fully automated CNC Swiss machines. We accommodate small or large quantities, according to your requirements.

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FlexFit-Hose-Cage-Code-5F9E3FlexFit Hose, LLC is an ITAR registered hose manufacturer


NAICS 326220 | NAICS 332710



The FlexFit Hose Difference

  • We validate & test every product we manufacture and assemble
  •  Hose assemblies come already cleaned, bagged & labeled
  • Faster response and delivery out of our committment to customer service excellence
  • Custom hose assemblies and solutions, according to your requirements
  • We provide large- or smaller volume orders, as well as stock your custom inventory
  • All products are shipped with proper certifications
  • FlexFit Hose ships most standard products within 1-2 business days

Superior Industrial Hose Assemblies and The Best Customer Service!

PTFE Hose Assemblies Comply With:


  • Paint Sprays
  • Oil Supply Lines
  • Sanitary Transfers
  • Adhesive Conveying
  • Steam Transfers
  • Filling Equipments
  • Mold Press
  • Feed Lines
  • Pharmaceutical Applications
  • Bulk Transfer
  • Load Cells
  • Filling Equipments
  • Bio-Pharm Applications
  • Weigh Scales
  • Process Lines
FlexFit Hose Leads Where it Counts

Industrial Hose Assemblies with Your Requirements in Mind

In a field sometimes plagued by poor quality and little to no customer service, FlexFit Hose is setting a new standard. We fabricate our industrial hose assemblies according to the most stringent standards in the industry and we are committed to customer service excellence.

Our industrial hose assemblies are used within process and automation industries such as pharmaceutical, chemical, food & beverage manufacturing, semiconductor and other markets as well. These industrial hoses and fittings connect up to equipment that must function precisely for numerous cycles. Regular failure of these systems, or stopping them too often for MRO means unwanted damage to your bottom line. Many manufacturers have purchased industrial hose assemblies only to find that they were of poor quality and unreliable. At times, simply making the right connections with the assembly can be difficult due to improper fittings or leak-prone adapters; attempts to consult the manufacturer brings little help.

The FlexFit Hose Difference

Every industrial hose product manufactured by FlexFit Hose undergoes our quality assurance process that includes proper cleaning, testing and packaging. We test 100% of the assemblies we fabricate, and not just a sample of the full quantity. All FlexFit Hose's assemblies, fabricated in house, are shipped with proper certifications and test reports. Our  assemblies provide exceptional performance and have longer lifecycles than many rubber or thermoplastic constructed alternatives. You will discover a more cost-effective choice over any other hose assembly when properly fitted, longer-lasting industrial hose is used in your process.

You will experience fast and dependable responses to quotes, as well as prompt delivery times with FlexFit Hose; from your first order and continuing with each new one. Lead-time for our standard products usually takes 1-2 business days. FlexFit Hose can accommodate custom made industrial hose & fittings, according to your requirements. If it is something requiring an outside source, we can help you through our network of contract manufacturers & suppliers. FlexFit Hose offers components in bulk as well, including: hose, hose fittings, crimp collars and inverted flare fittings for bent tubing. 

Our combination of expertise and dedication to quality, as well as customer service excellence allows us to lead where it counts in our industry. If you are not receiving exceptional products with first-rate service, then contact FlexFit Hose and let us demonstrate the difference. Email: sales@flexfithose.com or call 410-327-0758 today.